Project Description

The use of water in many Municipalities of the cross-border area is carried out with problems that mainly concern the control of the water quality, the water loss within the networks, the health hazards in cases of polluting incidents and the irrational use of water for irrigation of urban green areas.  

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) focuses on the conservation of the quality and quantity of water resources through the creation of a protected areas registry wherever water is pumped for drinking purposes, the pricing of water, and the development of monitoring and management actions. Nevertheless, the Directive does not foresee specific methodologies and application standards for the above, especially when urban water is concerned.

Within this context, the project main objective is the development of application standards, in agreement with the Water Framework Directive’s requirements, for the integrated management of municipal water resources. The Project’s expected benefits include: the conservation of water resources through the use of new technology, the reduction of operational and managerial costs of the drinking water and irrigation networks, the prevention of potential accidents (leakage, pollution etc.) and the increased citizens’ sense of security and safety and the development of required maturity for the future financing of infrastructure projects.

The project’s direct beneficiaries are the inhabitants of the Municipalities and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia Thrace that participate in the project, through the protection and conservation of their local natural resources. The local administration authorities are also targeted since they will be granted with useful tools for decision making and administrative planning. The Project may also attract bodies, groups and individuals from other geographical areas which may find guidance for future similar project implementations.